“Ice Queen” Turns Heads By Rocking
Her Summer Outfit Without Shivering
In Freezing 23°F (-5°C)

With incredible cold resistance, Jean is crowned the “Ice Queen” for being ridiculous but adventurous as she bravely faced freezing weather in minimal clothing.

It all started when a video taken of her went viral.

She comfortably walked the streets in her summer outfit while everyone around in thick jackets could only stare in awe. She effortlessly survives the bitter cold without covering much.

“I used to suffer from the cold even at home under a blanket. Despite putting on every piece of clothing I could find, I still shivered.”

“My joints hurt badly and continuously.”

“For months, I looked for anything to keep me warm. I turned up the heater, stayed active, ate something warm, and used heating pads.”

“And they didn’t help one bit.”

“Not until this harsh winter. It never bothered me even a bit with Dr. Leonid’s help.”

– Jean

The Man Who Fixed A Freezing Problem

Dr. Leonid is a renowned aerospace engineer for over 30 years and the man behind the designs of space suits for astronauts.

In the aerospace industry, most of his time is spent working in colder countries. He suffered from temperatures as low as 1.4°F (-17°C) and could barely pull through. Realizing it’s a very common issue half the world experiences, he decided to fix this ‘freezing problem’.

After thorough research, he found the cause lies at the bottom of the body – our feet.

“Our feet radiate heat faster than the rest of our body, making it most prone to heat loss. Like a thermostat, they play a vital role in regulating body temperature.”

“The large surface area and specialized blood vessels responsible to enable more blood flow allows heat to easily flow out of them.”

“What’s worse is we lose 15 times more heat when in contact with wet clothes. It only takes under an hour for anyone to develop frostbite or hypothermia.”

“That’s why it is vital that the feet are constantly kept warm as it is the only way to redistribute heat around our body.”

“We may think adding layers of clothes will keep our body warm but in reality, our feet are actually rapidly offloading heat, leaving us in danger.”

– Dr. Leonid

The Coldest Place On Earth

Dr. Leonid went to those who live in the coldest place on earth for an answer and what he saw impressed him.

“Oymyakon, Russia is by far the coldest inhabited place in the world. The people there brave freezing temperatures as low as -67°F (-55°C) without issue.”

“After weeks studying them, we were still shocked by how easily they survive. It so happens their secret to coping with the harsh cold lies on their feet.”

“The only thing that stood out of the ordinary is the arctic fox fur boots.”

– Dr. Leonid

He brought the fur samples back to lab and discovered its incomparable insulating properties. Its density and interlocking structures effectively traps heat, shielding from heat loss.

Dr. Leonid realized this could potentially help millions survive the extreme cold and prevent joint pains and illnesses like breathing difficulties.

For months, he partnered with climate scientists and a podiatrist. And with their expertise, they created a unique pair of sustainable self-heating socks known as Savva™.

The Possibilities Savva™ Has To Offer

Savva™ is a successful replica with improved benefits of the warmest fur around. All without the bulkiness and weight, but with the insulation and comfort of one. It is designed to allow anyone withstand sub-zero temperatures as low as -76°F (-60°C) due to its superior heat retention qualities.

The construct and weaving technology used in designing space suits is implemented in Savva™. Using windproof and moisture-wicking fabric with specifically formulated fiber, it features micro air pockets within the fabric that traps 12 times more hot air as compared to any high-grade wool socks.

It is also composed of an all skin-friendly inner layer and a waterproof outer layer. With a revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the socks, they are thermal insulated to keep our feet warm and dry from within.

Each sock also comes with strategically positioned magnets to stimulate over 2500 reflexology points on our soles, acting as a form of massage that relieves aches and pains from common foot problems like arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

Ultimately it regulates our body temperature, keeping us comfortably warm.
Savva™ Has Been A Resounding Success Since Its Launch

It has received countless positive feedbacks from thousands worldwide. For airport grounds crew member Toby, Savva™ have made all the difference.

“At first I did not believe how a pair of socks could do anything. Especially working on airport grounds during Christmas, it can be freezing out there!”

“But on my first day using them, my pains and numbness from the cold disappeared. It’s been 3 weeks now and I’ve not shivered once!”

– Toby

Mindy, a ski instructor shares the same sentiments.

“As a skier, I descend slopes at high speeds and the wind chill ALWAYS gets me. I’ve tried various methods, but nothing keeps my body warm as these socks do.”

“After a day in snow, my feet remained warm and dry! It’s like wearing super thick high-grade fur or constantly having warm baths.”

– Mindy

A Success The World Can Benefit From

Due to increasing demand, these socks are limited in stock. Over 310,000 of them have been sold in just months. Suppliers are working around the clock to meet the surge in demand this winter.

If our feet stayed cold for too long, tissues and organs can be permanently damaged. Cold weather is directly responsible for many life-threatening conditions like hypothermia, frostbites, severe arthritis, and even pneumonia.

Nothing ruins your day as quick as freezing in the cold.

Stay comfortably warm with Savva™ and say goodbye to the bitter cold for good!